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Major General Paul Eaton, USA (Ret.) Responds to Iraq Drawdown Announcement

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Press Release Washington, D.C. 21 October 2011

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Washington, D.C. - Today, President Obama announced, "The long war in Iraq will come to an end by the end of this year."  In response to this announcement, NSN's Senior Adviser, Major General Paul Eaton, USA (Ret.), who served in Iraq as Commanding General of the Coalition Military Assistance Training Team (CMATT), issued the following statement:

"The President made the right choice today in announcing a complete drawdown from Iraq by the end of the year. His decision honors the commitments of the United States:  to a sovereign Iraqi nation, to the brave American troops and diplomats who have served for almost a decade and to the American people. The United States has provided opportunities for Iraqis to ask for an American troop presence beyond the date agreed to by President George W. Bush and Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in 2008. They have not asked for that. It would be inappropriate to keep troops without Iraqi legal immunity for our servicemembers. Hundreds of thousands of dedicated Americans have served our country in Iraq, and nearly four thousand five hundred people have given their lives to support Iraq's transition to a sovereign democratic nation. Today we thank and honor these men and women and mark a promise kept to Iraqis, to Americans and to the values they serve."

AVAILABLE FOR COMMENT: To speak with Major General Eaton or other experts, please contact Sara DuBois, or 202-289-7113.