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NSN Statement on Passage of the New START Treaty

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Press Release Washington, D.C. 22 December 2010

Non-Proliferation New START

The National Security Network welcomes the Senate's decision to pass the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty.  Today's vote was the culmination of months of bipartisan effort, with senior national security, military and religious leaders, to chart an effective course for American national security.  The treaty's passage exemplifies a move away from Cold War thinking and toward more effective action to combat 21st-century threats.  It is a strong signal to our friends and foes around the world, creating momentum for global action to combat real, present threats to American security, including Iran, North Korea and nuclear terrorism. It affirms strong and decisive American leadership on those issues, whereas delay or defeat would have sent a signal that America was unprepared to lead.

NSN Senior Advisor, Maj. Gen. (ret.) Paul Eaton, welcomed the treaty's passage:

"Passing the New START Treaty secures vital U.S. national security interests by getting Americans back on the ground to inspect Russian nuclear weapons, ensuring strategic stability and helping shore up Russian support in dealing with pressing threats such as Iran and North Korea. Very simply, New START makes us safer."

And Heather Hurlburt, NSN's Executive Director, commented:

"This vote highlights a consensus among security experts and a new generation of progressive policy thinkers. That group stands against a small minority of Senators who chose to fight a rearguard action -- using outdated arguments and procedural delays -- against a treaty that had unanimous support from our armed forces. Passage of New START points the way toward a unity of vision,  in which American strength is matched by our engagement, flexibility and openness."