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Palin's Reckless National Security Comments Prove Her, McCain Not Ready to Lead

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Press Release Washington, D.C. 12 September 2008

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Today, Richard Clarke and Rand Beers weighed in on Sarah Palin falsely tying the attacks of September 11 to Saddam Hussein's Iraq:

"Palin's linking Iraq to 9-11 and doing so on September 11th reveals her use of the Bush-Rove tactic of lying to the American people about the war in order to create political support. We have every reason to think that is what we would get if we have four more years of Republicans in the White House. This is not just a case of being unfamiliar with national security, it is another example of not caring about the facts and just mouthing the mantras of the right wing extremists."
-Richard Clarke, former head of counterterrorism at the National Security Council

"Palin's statement to soldiers departing for iraq tying 911 to Saddam Hussein brings back the reckless use of misinformation that Vice President Cheney and other Bush administration officials used to pound the war drums for Iraq. This line is wholly discredited by the intelligence community, the 9/11 commission, and President Bush himself. Our potential leaders cannot mislead Americans with worn out lies and expect to receive their trust. On a day of solemn memories such action is even more egregious."
-Rand Beers, former National Security Council counterterrorism official and President and Founder of the National Security Network