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A Bad Day for U.S. Counterterrorism Policy

Report 17 September 2008
After toppling the Taliban in Afghanistan, the Bush administration shifted its focus to Iraq – a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 – instead of finishing the job. Today, we are still paying for this terrible strategic mistake. In Afghanistan, the situation continues to deteriorate as the American commander asks for 15,000 additional troops on top of the increases already planned for later this year.
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International Economy

America's Economic Power Wanes Due to Failed Conservative Approach

Report 15 September 2008
This weekend’s financial turmoil spotlights how, like America’s diplomatic and military power, American economic power has eroded over the last eight years. The U.S. financial system has again been pushed to the brink, as Lehman Brothers moved toward bankruptcy and Merrill Lynch was sold late last night to Bank of America. Fears of a worldwide sell-off appeared to be realized, as markets in Europe and Asia dropped sharply today. This financial crisis will have powerful consequences not just for Americans’ personal circumstances but also for our power and security as a nation.
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Palin’s Reckless Comments on National Security Call Into Question her and McCain’s Judgment

Report 12 September 2008
In Governor Sarah Palin’s first public comments on national security, she was unable to define her own party’s national security doctrine, suggested that war with Russia might be necessary, and repeated a long-debunked canard about Iraq’s connection to the 9-11 attacks – the kind of out of touch, reckless, cavalier approach to national security that has characterized the last eight years.
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Terrorism & National Security

Seven Years After 9/11 Bush Administration's Counter-Terrorism Policy Leaves Us Less Secure

Report 11 September 2008
Seven years after 9/11, the Bush administration still lacks a comprehensive counterterrorism strategy at home or abroad.
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Events This Week Demonstrate Wisdom of Progressive National Security Policy

Report 29 August 2008
This week, events around the world confirmed many of the arguments that progressives have long been making about foreign policy. These are all positions that progressives have held for years– positions that the Bush administration chose to ignore.
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Pakistan on the Brink

Report 25 August 2008
Pakistan’s fragile, democratically-elected coalition government drew closer to collapse today, as one of the main parties withdrew. As Pakistan also experienced one of the worst suicide attacks in its history, the coalition was challenged to reject a Taliban ceasefire offer and instead ban the group – a possible sign of progress against terror but a certain harbinger of more violence.
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A Really Bad Couple of Weeks for Pax Americana

News Inter Press Service 23 August 2008

Another Week That Demonstrated the Bankruptcy of Conservative Foreign Policy

Report 22 August 2008
It may not have seemed possible for things to get any worse for the Bush administration after last week, when the world witnessed the full-circle collapse of the Bush’s personality-driven approach towards Putin’s Russia and Musharraf’s Pakistan. Yet not only did the extent of the President’s failed policy toward Pakistan and Russia become more clear, but the events of the week also demonstrated the bankruptcy of the conservative approach toward Iraq, Afghanistan, and Europe.
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Administration Agrees To Increase Forces in Afghanistan – But Will It Also Decrease Levels In Iraq?

Report 20 August 2008
The Bush Administration finds itself pinned by a dilemma of its own making: Yesterday the Bush administration approved the request from Gen. McKiernan for three additional brigades to shore up the beleaguered effort in Afghanistan, but it announced no corresponding withdrawals from Iraq, despite indications that it would not be possible to increase levels in Afghanistan without either reducing force levels in Iraq or once again increasing Army deployments from 12 to 15 months
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Bush’s Musharraf Policy Comes to a Failed Conclusion

Report 18 August 2008
In another stinging blow to the Bush administration, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf resigned from office today. It has been a disastrous ten days for the Bush administration, which has seen the complete collapse of its Russia policy and now the failed end of its Pakistan policy.
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