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Obama Administration


Energy Security is National Security

Report 26 January 2009
Today President Obama took an important first step in addressing the threats of global warming and oil dependence by giving states more power to limit greenhouse emissions from cars and also beginning the process of raising fuel efficiency standards. These steps are important not just for our economy and the well being of our planet but for America’s national security.
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Revive State

Report 14 January 2009
Over the last eight years the Bush administration has favored the use of hard military power at the expense of America’s diplomatic power. As a result, our military has been asked to do too much and has received too little support from the State Department and other civilian agencies. In the wake of difficulties in Iraq and Afghanistan, there is now near unanimous agreement among top military officials and outside experts that the State Department and other civilian agencies must be empowered to do more.
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Terrorism & National Security

"So What?" – The Failed Counterterrorism Policy of George W. Bush

Report 17 December 2008
Today, President Bush is giving a speech at the Army War College touting his legacy by arguing that there have been no terrorist attacks on American soil since 9/11. Vice President Cheney has echoed the same sentiments recently in an interview with ABC. Sadly, this argument ignores the obvious fact that the administration ignored warnings from terrorism experts such as Richard Clarke in the run up to 9/11 and did not make al Qaeda a top priority.
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Preventing the Next Genocide

Report 9 December 2008
A new task-force report from the U.S. Institute of Peace called “Preventing Genocide: A Blueprint for U.S. Policymakers” makes a strong statement challenging conventional wisdom: “preventing genocide is an achievable goal. The idea that genocide is somehow completely unpredictable and undeterrable is one of the biggest psychological justifications for doing nothing about it.”
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Bush Administration to Obama: Our Approach Failed, Pursue a Progressive Approach Toward Afghanistan and Pakistan

Report 8 December 2008
On Sunday the New York Times reported that the outgoing Bush Administration is preparing a review of its Afghanistan and Pakistan strategy for the incoming Obama Administration. The report’s three conclusions – making assistance to Pakistan conditional, adopting a broader regional approach, and elevating the importance of non-military efforts toward the region – constitute a rejection of the Bush Administration’s approach and embrace an alternative that progressive leaders and institutions have advocated for years.
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