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Engagement with Results

Report 8 September 2010
Today, at the Council on Foreign Relations, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave a speech on the America's diplomatic engagement and global leadership. 
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On Iran, Let the President Lead

Report 5 January 2010
Yesterday, Secretary Clinton issued a firm challenge to the Iranian regime, inviting them to the negotiating table, while emphasizing that the U.S. would not stand by in the face of their continued intransigence. 
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On Afghanistan and Pakistan, while Administration Acts, Conservatives Rest on Reckless Criticism

Report 17 November 2009
Even as deliberations over the Afghanistan-Pakistan strategy continue, and President Obama traveled in Asia, notable steps in the Afghanistan – Pakistan region set the stage for productive US efforts, with senior officials encouraging their partner governments to step up. This weekend, Secretary of State Clinton used strong language to pressure the Karzai government to act against corruption, a tough stance followed by the Karzai administration’s launch yesterday of a new anti-corruption initiative. National Security Advisor Jones visited Pakistan to convey support for the government’s recent offensive against militants, along with a letter from President Obama urging continued resolve. Steep challenges of governance, security, and managing delicate national pride remain in both countries. This week’s events show the Administration squarely focused on a core part of any successful strategy: motivating the Kabul and Islamabad governments to take the lead.
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Obama’s National Security Team Demonstrates Broad Consensus on a Progressive Foreign Policy

Report 1 December 2008
Today, President-elect Obama introduced an impressive national security team today that includes independents, Republicans and Democrats.  This diverse team shares commitment to the President-elect’s foreign policy principles, and to the agenda first laid out by President-Elect Obama and progressives during the campaign.
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