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global warming


Veterans, Military Leaders Say Climate Change and Energy Security are National Security Priorities

Report 10 September 2009
Today veterans from around the country join former Republican Senator John Warner at the White House to make the case for action on climate change and energy security. National security experts, retired military officials, and many prominent conservatives are in agreement that the twin challenges of climate change and energy security pose a threat to our way of life, global order, and our security. Tackling these issues will require action from all areas of government. The House of Representatives recently took a hugely important step in passing energy and climate change legislation, but the legislation now looks to be bogged down in the Senate. Warner's leadership and the military's concern highlight that energy security and climate change are not partisan issues - they are long-term challenges to our security, our economy and our way of life that we need to start meeting as a nation now. Pretending we can just go on as we are isn't just ignorant, it's dangerous.
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International Economy

International Implications of a Domestic Progressive Agenda

Report 24 February 2009
Tonight President Obama will deliver an address to Congress, where he is expected to highlight his domestic agenda. But the world is watching this speech every bit as much as one on national security.
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Getting Diplomacy out of the Penalty Box

Report 19 February 2009
President Obama’s trip to Canada – his first trip abroad since taking office – promises to strike a new tone and to begin to reverse the decay that has occurred in our key relationships over the last eight years. Renewing the North American partnership is vital to addressing key global and domestic challenges.
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Week Confirms an Undeniable Legacy of Failure

Report 12 December 2008
Despite attempts by the Bush administration to tout its legacy, it is very clear that President Bush is bequeathing his successor eight years of incompetence and failed policies that have left America significantly weaker.
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This Week Confirms an Undeniable Legacy of Failure

Press Release Washington, D.C. 12 December 2008

Global Trends Report Reflects Need for a Progressive Foreign Policy

Report 21 November 2008
Today the National Intelligence Council (NIC) released a new report outlining the global strategic trends of the next twenty years. The report describes a number of disturbing trends, which could greatly increase the complexity of the international system. However, none of these outcomes are foregone conclusions.
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