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New Leadership Needed on Intelligence

Report 5 February 2009
Today Congress begins consideration of the nomination of Leon Panetta to be the new head of the CIA โ€“ a man who knows as well as anyone how intelligence becomes policy and how intelligence resources are allocated, to join an Administration that has made explicit commitments to better-manage intelligence gathering and ensure that it is embedded within our constitutional values.
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Week Confirms an Undeniable Legacy of Failure

Report 12 December 2008
Despite attempts by the Bush administration to tout its legacy, it is very clear that President Bush is bequeathing his successor eight years of incompetence and failed policies that have left America significantly weaker.
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President Dodges Responsibility on Iraq โ€“ As Spate of Violence Shows Many Challenges Ahead

Report 3 December 2008
This week has seen two contrary Iraq-related developments: a troubling spate of violence that has killed more than 50 Iraqis in bombings the last two days, and an attempt by President Bush to blame the intelligence community, members of Congress, world leaders and the previous administration, for the faulty intelligence presented to justify the war.
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