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Global Trends Report Reflects Need for a Progressive Foreign Policy

Report 21 November 2008
Today the National Intelligence Council (NIC) released a new report outlining the global strategic trends of the next twenty years. The report describes a number of disturbing trends, which could greatly increase the complexity of the international system. However, none of these outcomes are foregone conclusions.
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Memo to the Community: Newspaper Presidential Endorsements and National Security

Report 31 October 2008
Conventional wisdom views national security and foreign policy issues as conservative turf. But over the past few years, and especially in this presidential election, progressives have become more assertive in outlining their own vision of national security. Today progressives are speaking about national security with greater confidence than at any time in recent memory and have consistently demonstrated the inadequacy of the conservative world view.
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NIEs on Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq Rebuke Conservatives, Validate Progressives

Report 16 October 2008
Three new National Intelligence Estimates (NIEs) on Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq add up to a stunning indictment of conservative foreign policy. Each report, prepared as part of a comprehensive re-evaluation of current U.S. strategy, contains troubling findings for our national security.
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An Extreme Convention Devoid of Solutions

Press Release Washington, D.C. 5 September 2008

McCain’s Selection of Palin Calls into Question His Foreign Policy Judgment

Report 3 September 2008
The stakes tonight for Governor Sarah Palin’s speech are extraordinarily high. The McCain campaign’s contention that “She’s going to learn national security at the foot of the master for the next four years, and most doctors think that he’ll be around at least that long,” is not good enough. She must be ready to step in immediately. The stakes are too high.
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Election 2008: Democrats and National Security

News Washington Post 27 August 2008
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5 Reports Find that Bush Administration Policies Have Severely Weakened America’s National Security

Report 18 April 2008
Five new reports from various government agencies and independent organizations were released this week, all confirming that the Bush Administration has weakened the security of the United States.
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McCain: A History of Being Wrong About Al Qaeda, Iraq and Iran

Report 20 March 2008
John McCain on several occasions recently has asserted that Iran and Al Qaeda are working together, including last month in Houston Texas . The facts are much more complicated.
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Iraq: The Costs to Our National Security

Report 19 March 2008
The Iraq war has exacted a tremendous cost on America’s national security. It is time to refocus on our broader national interests instead of just Iraq.
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