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George Bush

George Bush


U.S. Lacks Pakistan Strategy

News Washington Independent 25 April 2008

White House Torture Advisors

News Washington Post 10 April 2008

Leaving an Occupied Country Is Hard To Do

News The New Republic 2 April 2008

Fact Check: Bush Plain Wrong on Afghanistan

Press Release Washington, DC 24 February 2008

Iraq War To Be Defining Issue in Races

News Boston Globe 15 September 2007

U.S.: Bush's Successor May Inhereit Quagmire In Iraq

News Inter Press Service 13 September 2007

New Video: National Security Experts on Petraeus and the Aftermath

Press Release Washington, DC 10 September 2007
Today the National Security Network released a new video Crisis in Confidence: The Politics and Policy of the Petraeus Report in which frank assessments of the Bush Administration's flawed Iraq strategy are offered by leading experts such as Richard Clarke, Jon Alterman, and Mara Rudman.
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