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No Apologies for Effective Counterterrorism

Report 6 May 2010
The U.S. request for Pakistani assistance in investigating connections between the failed Times Square bombing and militants operating within its borders highlights the vital link between partnerships abroad and security at home.  A year ago, the Administration set out to rebuild what had been anemic counter-terrorism cooperation at best, by improving the broader tenor of U.S.-Pakistani relations.  As the U.S. looks to Pakistan to help unravel the Times Square plot and prevent similar attacks in the future, it highlights a larger reality: effectively combating terrorism is a global challenge, which requires a cooperative response.
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The World Joins in: a Regional and International Strategy for Afghanistan

Report 30 March 2009
Tomorrow’s conference at The Hague – bringing together almost one hundred countries, international and non-governmental organizations – represents an important step in implementing a comprehensive strategy for Afghanistan that recognizes that American interests cannot be secured through military force alone.  Afghanistan’s neighbors including Pakistan, Iran, Russia, India, China and the Gulf States all have significant interests in the country.  If they are not engaged to play a productive and positive role, there is little chance that Afghanistan can be stabilized.
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Week Confirms an Undeniable Legacy of Failure

Report 12 December 2008
Despite attempts by the Bush administration to tout its legacy, it is very clear that President Bush is bequeathing his successor eight years of incompetence and failed policies that have left America significantly weaker.
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A Full Partner in Our Own Hemisphere: A New Approach to Latin America

Report 25 November 2008
With America facing two wars and a global economic crisis of nearly unprecedented severity, it is tempting to relegate matters in Latin America to the back-burner. But for the last eight years, the Bush administration has pursued an episodic and ideological approach that ignored the concerns of countries in the regions. The consequences have been troubling. A new report from the Brookings Institution on the future of U.S. - Latin American relations argues that the U.S. must become a full partner in the affairs in its own hemisphere.
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Rebuilding America's Alliances

Report 24 November 2008
Barack Obama’s victory was greeted with massive enthusiasm and support from around the world. Obama's election as the 44th President of the United States presents an important opportunity to repair our relationship with our allies and restore America’s image around the globe.
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The Scourge of International Piracy

Report 19 November 2008
In recent months pirates have successfully pulled off a number of high profile hijackings off the Horn of Africa. The most dramatic recent incident involves the hijacking of a Saudi supertanker with 2 million barrels of oil. These activities represent a threat to the international system and could hamper trade, significantly raise shipping costs, and impact world oil prices.
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John McCain's Scary Foreign Policy

Report 31 October 2008
There are few things more unnerving, even on Halloween, than Senator McCain’s positions on foreign policy. The area was supposed to be a major McCain strength, but over the course of this campaign it has become increasingly clear that McCain holds extremely neoconservative positions.
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The Growing Conservative Schism on Foreign Policy

Press Release Washington, D.C. 29 October 2008

Former Bush Administration Point Man on Iran Thinks We Should Talk to Our Enemies

Report 27 October 2008
Nick Burns, the former Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs and highest ranking career diplomat in the Bush administration from 2004-2007, has become the latest foreign policy expert to oppose McCain’s refusal to talk with our enemies. After eight years of reckless foreign policy and ineffective diplomacy, the American public is looking for someone who acts smart instead of just talking tough.
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