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rand beers

rand beers

McCain, Obama trade punches

News The Washington Examiner 28 May 2008

U.S. Lacks Pakistan Strategy

News Washington Independent 25 April 2008
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Intel Officials Send Letter to DNI McConnell Seeking Clarity on FISA, Telecom Immunity

Press Release Washington, D.C. 25 February 2008
Yesterday, four former senior level intelligence officials, all of whom have worked with Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell in the past, sent a letter to McConnell seeking clarification on statements both he and President Bush have made during the recent debate over FISA and telecom immunity.
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New NIE Provides Opening for New US Policy

Press Release Washington, DC 3 December 2007
Key findings of a new National Intelligence Estimate on Iran were made public today, concluding that Iran halted nuclear weapons development programs. Two experts weigh in on these developments.
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New Video: National Security Experts on Petraeus and the Aftermath

Press Release Washington, DC 10 September 2007
Today the National Security Network released a new video Crisis in Confidence: The Politics and Policy of the Petraeus Report in which frank assessments of the Bush Administration's flawed Iraq strategy are offered by leading experts such as Richard Clarke, Jon Alterman, and Mara Rudman.
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But What Petraeus Didn't Tell You...

News McClatchy 10 September 2007

Tucker Carlson For August 30, 2007

News MSNBC 30 August 2007

Bush's Wrong Lessons From a War He Avoided Fighting

Press Release Washington, DC 22 August 2007
Today, experts from the National Security Network weighed in on the President’s misrepresentation of the historical lessons of Vietnam.
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