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A Really Bad Couple of Weeks for Pax Americana

News Inter Press Service 23 August 2008

Another Week That Demonstrated the Bankruptcy of Conservative Foreign Policy

Report 22 August 2008
It may not have seemed possible for things to get any worse for the Bush administration after last week, when the world witnessed the full-circle collapse of the Bush’s personality-driven approach towards Putin’s Russia and Musharraf’s Pakistan. Yet not only did the extent of the President’s failed policy toward Pakistan and Russia become more clear, but the events of the week also demonstrated the bankruptcy of the conservative approach toward Iraq, Afghanistan, and Europe.
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Crises Cast Doubt on Bush's Strategy

News Christian Science Monitor 20 August 2008

McCain, Obama trade punches

News The Washington Examiner 28 May 2008
Terrorism & National Security

Experts React, Fact-Check McCain Speech on Nuclear Proliferation

Press Release Washington, D.C. 27 May 2008
In reaction to John McCain's speech this morning on his views on nuclear proliferation and greater strategy for Asia, National Security Network compiled the following reactions from experts who agree that the speech and his overall outlook are misguided and return to the failed policies of the past:
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