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The Growing Conservative Schism on Foreign Policy

Press Release Washington, D.C. 29 October 2008

John McCain Has Repeatedly Failed the Commander-in-Chief Test

Report 21 October 2008
In times of crisis it is essential that a leader have the temperament and judgment to guide America with a steady hand. Sen. McCain’s response in times of crises that has been erratic and reckless. During this campaign, McCain’s reaction to the global financial crisis and the outbreak of war between Russia and Georgia led many to question his judgment and his temperament. McCain’s erratic and hasty responses to past and present international crises raise real doubts about his ability to lead America through a crisis with a steady hand.
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McCain’s Troubling Debate Performance

Report 29 September 2008
During last Friday’s Presidential debate, John McCain raised many doubts about his foreign policy aptitude. Not only did McCain commit factual gaffes, but he seemingly confused or shifted his position on Iran, as well as demonstrated a failure to understand the strategic implications of his reckless rhetoric.
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Reckless Decision-Making in Times of Crisis

Report 25 September 2008
In this current economic crisis steady and responsible guidance from our leaders is more important than ever. Americans expect this response not just with regards to the economy but also when it comes to national security. Senator McCain’s record in times of crisis is not comforting. Over two decades, McCain has shown again and again that he is prone to jump to conclusions and make reckless calls for military action.
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Memo to the Community: The National Security Debate

Report 22 September 2008
This debate is the Commander-in-Chief test for both candidates. Senator McCain, by virtue of his military and congressional service, claims the mantle of experience; but he is tied to the Bush Presidency and still faces questions on his economic prowess and his temperament. He must show that his experience translates into superior knowledge and good judgment and that his approach won’t be four more years of the same. Senator Obama must show that he can hold his own with the Senate veteran and that he is ready to be Commander-in-Chief.
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Terrorism & National Security

A Day of Reflection

Report 11 September 2008

Real Challenges, N0 Solutions

Report 5 September 2008
This morning we learned that the unemployment rate has jumped to its highest level in years and that commanders in Iraq have decided to suspend troop withdrawals due to the lack of Iraqi political progress. Yet Senator McCain’s speech closing the Republican convention was completely devoid of solutions to these or other vital issues.
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Terrorism & National Security

An Extreme Night With No Solutions

Press Release Washington, D.C. 4 September 2008

Election 2008: Democrats and National Security

News Washington Post 27 August 2008