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Barack Obama

Barack Obama


Rice: We'll Slice and Dice

News New York Observer 26 August 2008

Bush's Overseas Policies Begin Resembling Obama's

News The Washington Post 15 August 2008

NSN Daily Update: McCain’s Foreign Policy Bad for Gas Prices

Report 6 August 2008
While McCain and Obama have both presented plans for reducing energy prices it is important to remember that foreign policy has a major impact on world oil prices as well. John McCain’s bellicose approach towards both Iran and Russia, two of the world’s largest producers, will keep energy prices high.
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Contra Expectations

News The New Republic 30 July 2008

Candidates Spar Over Troop Surge and Iraq Chronology

News The New York Times 24 July 2008

Progressives Have Always Called for a Greater Focus on Afghanistan

Report 15 July 2008
Since 2002 progressives have been making the case that Iraq is distracting us from the main fight against Al Qaeda.
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Iraqi Politicians Push for Withdrawal

News The Washington Independent 6 June 2008

No Time for Obama to Bask in Victory

News USA Today 5 June 2008