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Barack Obama

Barack Obama


A New Era

Report 21 January 2009
In the words of his inaugural address and his first actions in office, President Barack Obama made clear that he would pursue foreign policy in line with progressive values and American ideals
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Experts React to Ayman al-Zawahri Audio Message

Press Release Washington, D.C. 20 November 2008

Progressive Ideas Are America's Ideas in 2008 Election

Press Release Washington, D.C. 5 November 2008

The Growing Conservative Schism on Foreign Policy

Press Release Washington, D.C. 29 October 2008

John McCain, Barack Obama Differ Dramatically on Foreign Policy

News The St. Louis Post-Dispatch 24 October 2008

Rank-and-File Spies Seem to be Leaning Toward Obama

News Congressional Quarterly 24 October 2008

Powell’s Endorsement Signals the End of the NeoCon Alliance with Pragmatic Conservatives

Report 20 October 2008
For the past thirty years, the Republican party’s foreign policy establishment has consisted of an uneasy alliance between Neoconservatives and pragmatists. The Iraq war put the alliance under great strain. The decision of Colin Powell, long a leader in the pragmatic conservative camp, to endorse Barack Obama is the strongest of recent signals that the alliance is broken for good.
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Near Consensus Emerging in Support of Diplomatic Engagement with Our Adversaries

Report 17 October 2008
One of the major fault lines in this election has been over the willingness to talk to our adversaries. Sen. Obama has stated he is prepared to diplomatically engage rogue regimes, while Sen. McCain has insisted on setting “pre-conditions” before any talks are able to occur. Peace is made through negotiations.
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