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Fact Check: 10 Claims McCain Will Likely Make During Friday's Debate

Press Release Washington, D.C. 23 September 2008

Memo to the Community: The National Security Debate

Report 22 September 2008
This debate is the Commander-in-Chief test for both candidates. Senator McCain, by virtue of his military and congressional service, claims the mantle of experience; but he is tied to the Bush Presidency and still faces questions on his economic prowess and his temperament. He must show that his experience translates into superior knowledge and good judgment and that his approach won’t be four more years of the same. Senator Obama must show that he can hold his own with the Senate veteran and that he is ready to be Commander-in-Chief.
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A Serious Foreign Policy Gaffe

Report 18 September 2008
John McCain last night refused to say whether he would invite Spain’s Prime Minister, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero to the White House. The interview - conducted in English and translated into Spanish – was with the Florida affiliate of Spain’s Union Radio. In the interview McCain appeared to have no idea who Prime Minister Zapatero was, apparently assuming he was a Latin American leader who might or might not be a friend of the United States.
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Bush's Overseas Policies Begin Resembling Obama's

News Washington Post 15 September 2008

McCain Has an Extreme Neoconservative Foreign Policy Record and Outlook

Report 4 September 2008
While Sen. McCain has claimed his foreign policy experience as one of his greatest attributes, his actual record demonstrates a history of poor judgment and reckless rhetoric. The Republicans have spent the entire week trying to resurrect McCain’s image as a critic of the Bush administration, but his record shows that on issue after issue McCain was in perfect alignment with President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and former Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld.
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If I Ran the Zoo: Rethinking America's Role in the World

News "A World of Possibilities", Mainstream Media Project 18 July 2007