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Rebuilding America's Alliances

Report 24 November 2008
Barack Obama’s victory was greeted with massive enthusiasm and support from around the world. Obama's election as the 44th President of the United States presents an important opportunity to repair our relationship with our allies and restore America’s image around the globe.
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John McCain's Scary Foreign Policy

Report 31 October 2008
There are few things more unnerving, even on Halloween, than Senator McCain’s positions on foreign policy. The area was supposed to be a major McCain strength, but over the course of this campaign it has become increasingly clear that McCain holds extremely neoconservative positions.
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The Growing Conservative Schism on Foreign Policy

Report 28 October 2008
Colin Powell’s endorsement of Senator Obama signifies the culmination of a long simmering split within the conservative foreign policy establishment between neoconservatives and pragmatists.
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Former Bush Administration Point Man on Iran Thinks We Should Talk to Our Enemies

Report 27 October 2008
Nick Burns, the former Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs and highest ranking career diplomat in the Bush administration from 2004-2007, has become the latest foreign policy expert to oppose McCain’s refusal to talk with our enemies. After eight years of reckless foreign policy and ineffective diplomacy, the American public is looking for someone who acts smart instead of just talking tough.
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A Rough National Security Week for John McCain

Report 24 October 2008
With only two weeks left until the election, John McCain had another difficult week on the national security front. From Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama, to the Iraqi government's undermining McCain's position on withdrawal of US forces, to the Al Qaeda web-video vote for the Republic nominee for President, the Maverick has had a rough couple of days.
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Powell’s Endorsement Signals the End of the NeoCon Alliance with Pragmatic Conservatives

Report 20 October 2008
For the past thirty years, the Republican party’s foreign policy establishment has consisted of an uneasy alliance between Neoconservatives and pragmatists. The Iraq war put the alliance under great strain. The decision of Colin Powell, long a leader in the pragmatic conservative camp, to endorse Barack Obama is the strongest of recent signals that the alliance is broken for good.
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McCain’s Domestic Policy Claims Inconsistent with His Reckless Foreign Policy

Report 15 October 2008
Tonight at the debate Senator McCain will make many promises about his domestic agenda. However, those promises will be impossible to keep as long as he continues to promote a reckless foreign policy.
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A Bad Week in Foreign Policy for John McCain

Press Release Washington, D.C. 10 October 2008

McCain’s Debate Performance – Unsteady at the Tiller

Report 8 October 2008
Senator McCain’s debate performance yesterday did little to reassure voters about his ability to manage a steady and responsible national security policy. Aside from his gaffe referring to General Petraeus as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, there were serious substantive problems with McCain’s approach.
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Gov. Palin's Stale Foreign Policy Performances

Press Release Washington, D.C. 3 October 2008